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About the Energy Exchange

The Energy Exchange is owned and operated by Energy Link, which was established in 1996 when the new wholesale electricity market was set up.  Since then we’ve developed a reputation and track record second to none in our niche markets.

We have assisted literally hundreds of businesses, local authorities and government organisations find the best fixed price variable volume (FPVV) deals on electricity and gas when they go to market every two or three years.  We also help our more sophisticated clients that are buying or selling on the spot market with hedging strategies designed to manage spot price risks.

Our clients spend hundreds of thousands or millions on energy and often have hundreds or thousands of sites (called ICPs in the industry) to manage.  These large energy consumers typically approach the market every two or three years using an RFP process to get competitive pricing offers from electricity retailers.  They then have to analyse the offers to see which is best, then notify the successful retailers of the ICPs they will contract to initiate either a switch of retailer or a change of pricing plan with their existing retailer(s).  Then they monitor the switching process to ensure each ICP ends up on the correct pricing.

This all takes time, and many large consumers either don’t have the resources to make the best job of this process, or end up engaging a consultant like Energy Link.

So, two years ago, we thought “there must be a better way” and so The Energy Exchange was born.  The Energy Exchange web site is designed to make the process of contracting your ICPs so easy you can do it yourself, but in a way which ensures you operate at the level of best practice.  Or your consultant can do it for you using Energy Exchange.

The Energy Exchange is powered by Energy Link
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