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Contact Energy

Contact Energy is a listed company which owns and operates the Clyde and Roxburgh hydro power stations, Te Mihi, Wairakei, Ohaaki, Poihipi and Te Huka geothermal power stations, Taranaki Combined-Cycle gas-fired thermal power stations, the Stratford gas-fired peaking station, and the Whirinaki diesel-fired peaking station.

In calendar 2014 Contact Energy generated 9,514 GWh, around 23% of New Zealand’s total electricity generation.

Contact Energy supplies electricity to more than 400,000 ICPs making it New Zealand’s second largest electricity retailer by ICP number, and it is the largest retailer in the South Island.

Contact Energy also retails natural gas to around 60,000 customers and LPG to around 70,000 customers.