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Meridian Energy

Meridian is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and is a mixed ownership model company, 51% owned by the New Zealand Government.

Meridian Energy is New Zealand’s largest electricity generator and generates its electricity from 100% renewable energy resources. It generates approximately 30% of New Zealand’s electricity from its integrated chain of dams and power stations on the Waitaki River (Aviemore, Benmore,  hau A, B and C and Waitaki) and Manap uri power station and from five wind farms (Mill Creek, Te Apiti, Te Uku, West Wind and White Hill). It also owns and operates Brooklyn Wind Turbine in New Zealand. In the year ending 30 June 2015 Meridian Energy generated 1,911 GWh in New Zealand. Meridian also owns and operates two wind farms in Australia (Mt Mercer and Mt Millar).

Through the Meridian and Powershop brands, Meridian retails electricity to more than 270,000 customer connections in New Zealand (the fourth largest in New Zealand and second largest in the South Island of New Zealand). Powershop Australia has more than 74,000 customer connections.

Meridian supports a number of environmental programmes, operates Community Funds associated with each of its assets and runs a national sponsorship programme.